Cabinet Avocat dr. Octavian Ulici

fondat 1998

Reputație binemeritată, câștigată prin combinarea unei practici de înalt nivel și a serviciilor de calitate,

cu devotamentul necesar pentru a câștiga cauza angajată.



Arbitrajul nostru este un serviciu privat de justiție, conceput pentru a răspunde exigentelor de echitate. 

urmărește legătura din imagine pentru arbitraj. 



Law Offices dr. Claudiu Octavian Ulici was established in 1998, practicing holder since 1996, as a trainee lawyer and activating 1995 as a lawyer at perhaps the most ambitious real estate agency in Transylvania.

  • Soon, the office has increased its size, finding a position in the legal community. Today, Law Office dr. Claudiu Octavian Ulici, enjoys a well-deserved reputation by combining, a practice the highest levels and quality service with dedication necessary to win because engaged. Law Offices dr. Claudiu Octavian Ulici, is distinguished by focus on quality of service provided to customers.
  • We appreciate our customers and therefore understand the importance of frequent and effective communication with them. We are also sensitive to the desire of most clients to achieve concrete results without spending significant resources to it.
  • Law Office dr. Claudiu Octavian Ulici, usually billed according to the time of activity performed in selective cases but we are open to alternative billing arrangements, including joint arrangements or success fees. Our flexibility on hourly billing option, depending on the work done, we think that is a detachment from traditional billing practices in the field by practicing an honorary as flat rate.
  • Customers of Law Office dr. Claudiu Octavian Ulici are individuals and companies of different sizes, up to strategic investors in the national economy or public authorities. While practicing mainly in the municipality of Cluj-Napoca, attorney holder or cooperating lawyers in a particular case, can represent clients throughout Romania, and the European Union.



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Cluj-Napoca Bd-ul 21 Decembrie 1989 nr. 76

Cluj-Napoca, România, 400124

   L-V 08:00 - 16:00 cu programare prealabilă

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